The industry standard in meter reader training

Reading utility meters is all about accuracy because errors cost money. Meter-ProTM computer-based training for gas, electric and water meters is guaranteed to teach accurate meter reading - in just three days.

Meter-ProTM makes it easier for you to:

• Objectively screen job applicants to hire only the best.
• Quickly train temps and new hires.
• Retrain employees for positions as meter readers.
• Sharpen skills of current meter readers, linemen, installers and others.
• Customize training to meet specific employee needs.
• Ensure consistent, objective performance assessment.
• Reduce the cost of errors and re-reads.

Here's how Meter-ProTM works
Each Meter-ProTM training package includes an easy-to-understand manual, coach’s guide, introductory “How to Read a Meter” videotape and training software for PCs. Even employees with no previous computer experience find Meter-ProTM easy to use.

The clear and concise Meter-ProTM video introduces basic meter reading concepts and skills. The video includes 25 practice reads to reinforce these basic skills. Then, it’s on to the software training for four-dial, five-dial and demand scale meters.

Meter-ProTM is challenging and rewarding. Our award-winning software randomly generates dial settings so trainees see a fresh set of dials in every session. Exercises include training for 9s and 0s, with no recognizable patterns. There are three levels of difficulty, and trainees advance at their own pace. All sessions are fully documented to track each employee’s progress. Meter-ProTM automatically identifies accuracy problems, builds training sessions to correct them, and tests for comprehension. Its built-in cost analysis demonstrates how even small errors can cause big dollar losses - and provides great motivation!

You really can train employees onsite in just three days - with minimal or no supervision - guaranteed. There’s no need to send new meter readers around with veterans for a week or to the meter shop with a supervisor. Meter-ProTM is perfect for requalifying experienced staff and getting rid of habitual errors, too.

Professional Training Solutions is committed to continually enhancing your training options. Now, with Meter-ProSM Online, you can train employees or screen prospective hires over the Internet.

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